Our Mission

The mission of The Russell J. Efros Foundation is to connect, assist, educate, incubate and fund emerging artists. 

We are fiercely pursuing Russell’s dreams, which have now become ours, to build a safe, warm and nurturing community for creatives to express themselves, share their talents, create and collaborate with other artists and gain access to the resources that they need to sprout and flourish. 

We provide artists with access to funding and exposure through various initiatives and partnerships with artists, institutions, industry professionals and local businesses.

In just two short years we have made such a meaningful impact. We created The Russell J. Efros Memorial Award Fund at the School of Visual Arts which funds a fourth year film student’s thesis project each year. We hosted the Battle of the Bands, Annual Russell Sprouts Celebration of Life and engaged emerging artists to create and innovate. While we continue to host benefit events and work with artists, we are working on building a resource center (both online and brick & mortar) to provide on-demand resources such as wellness, creative, educational, marketing and legal assistance.

We appreciate your continued support – our goals and success cannot be achieved without your contributions. 

The Russell J. Efros Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created in loving memory of Russell J. Efros.